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Lice Treatment services

Head lice affects all of us, and you shouldn’t have to go through it alone. We’re here to help you with not only getting rid of your head lice naturally but after treatment instructions so you and your family can stay lice-free for good.

Professional Head Check

$25 /per person
  • • Determine level of infestation
  • • Thorough head lice screening
  • • Head check fee waived if treated
  • • No charge for kids under 1 years old
  • • Recommend everyone in immediate family get checked

Head Lice Treatment

$147 /per person
  • • Natural and essential oils
  • • Safe and harm-free removal
  • • After treatment instructions
  • • 10% Family discount (3 or more)
  • • Removal of all head lice and nits (eggs)

Our Process

Our head check service includes a thorough combing of the hair using our professional combs and head lice expertise. If lice are discovered, the head check service cost is waived if you decide if you would like to proceed with lice treatment. At this stage, we also assess the degree of infection which could add an additional fee. No charge for children under 1 year old.
After your head check and you decide to follow through with treatment, we start with a gentle comb through of the hair with our very own Nit Fairies lice comb and apply our natural products. We then part the hair effectively and remove all head lice and nits from sections of the hair.

Once treatment is completed and you’re completely lice free, we set your follow-up appointment to insure our Nit Fairies 14-day guarantee and insure you are lice free. On your way out from the center we will give you after-treatment instructions telling you what to do to stay lice free and useful ways to prevent head lice.

Why Choose Us?

Family Discount

1 %

If you have a family of more then 3 and everyone is being treated, you’re eligible for our Family discount! Please make sure to show this to the Technician upon checkout.

Natural Lice Treatment

1 %

Physical and natural head lice removal is proven to be the absolute best way to get rid of head lice. We have the expertise and handy dandy tools to do that for you and your family.

Lice-free Guarantee

1 %

We give a 14-day guarantee after treatment, including one follow-up and after treatment instructions. For us to honor our guarantee please follow the steps we give you accordingly.

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To speak with a professional lice technician call (804) 385-0793.

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