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The Nit Fairies Beverly

The Start...

The Nit Fairies – Beverly Correa, a mother of five, has been grappling with head lice in her family since the 90s. Leveraging her medical background and expertise, she developed incredible products and services to assist families facing issues with these unwanted guests. Through extensive study, research, and testing, she crafted a natural and comfortable solution for treating head lice. Since founding her company in 2008, we’ve successfully treated over 5,000+ families.

What We Do

Natural Head Lice Treatment

We only use natural, physical and effective lice removal methods when it comes to our head lice services and products. We simply do not believe in pesticides or heat devices.

Natural Head Lice Products

Can’t come us? No problem, we’ll come to you. Yes, that’s right we’ll treat your family inside the comfort of your own home.

Lice-free Customers

After being in the head lice business for over 15 years, we’ve successfully treated more than 5,000+ families.

The Nit Fairies Guarantee

The Nit Fairies Guarantee consists of a 14-day lice grace period. If you find any lice after following our treatment instructions thoroughly we will retreat you for free.

Have Flex Spending?

Does your company or work have a Flex Spending account? Most of the time our service costs can be reimbursed to you with your Flex Spending.

Family Treatment Discount

Have a family of 3? You and your family will be eligible for our Family Discount of 10% off. This will include Mom and Dad.

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