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Natural Head Lice Treatment Services and Products

Midlothian, Virginia

Head Lice Services

Professional head check

Head Lice Check Natural Virginia

Experience peace of mind with The Nit Fairies’ comprehensive head lice check. Our expert technicians examine every strand of hair, ensuring a thorough assessment that leaves no room for unwanted guests. Your family’s health and comfort are our top priority, and our head lice checks are the first step towards getting you lice-free. Concerned you may have lice? Please click the button down below to get in touch.

Natural head lice treatment

Natural Head Lice Treatment Service

We firmly believe in treating head lice infestations naturally, employing safe yet efficient procedures that put you and your family’s health first. Our certified experts will take you through The Nit Fairies’ comfortable and chemical-free removal process to eliminate all head lice and their nits (eggs) for good. You will also be sent home with after-treatment instructions. If your family is concerned about head lice, please book an appointment by clicking the button below.

The Nit Fairies Natural Treatment Lice Head Process

Our Treatment Process

head Lice check

A thorough head check done by one of our professional head lice technicians. This allows us to determine the level of lice infestation.

Natural Head Lice treatment

We use an all-natural head lice removal service using our own products and combs. Visit us at our treatment center in Midlothian, VA!

guarantee & follow up

After you or your family is treated, we send you home with after-treatment instructions and schedule you for a follow-up appointment to ensure the head lice stays gone for good.

Lice-free Families

Absolute life savers. Tried to get rid of the lice and nits myself and no matter what I did they came back. Called the Nit Fairies and the staff was very friendly and helpful even, got a same day appointment. 1st treatment and my daughter was clear! Staff was really informative too. Totally worth the money and saved me from a complete breakdown!
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Andrea Younger
Google Reviews
We tried repeatedly to get rid of lice on our own but were unsuccessful. We tried another company also without success. We came here, and though just for a check, were able to get treated the same day and made an appointment for a follow up. They saved us so much time and I would pay anything for them to deal with my daughters hair than trying it myself.
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Ashley Jamison
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I am a single mom with 5 children and these ladies were amazing. I had to run and pick kids up from here and there and they were so patient. We were in late and had to get pizza next door. The kids ate and watched movies while we were treated. I would come back for a 3rd time if I had too.

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S. Widdows
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If you would like to book an appointment at a faster rate, please call (804) 385-0793 to speak with a head lice technician.

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